How to Create a WordPress Website (From Scratch)

wordpress setup guide small How to Create a WordPress Website (From Scratch)

You run a small business. You need a website. But you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend to get one online. You’re probably asking yourself, “How can I build a website for free?” Well, the truth is you can’t. Not if you want to own your domain, content, and platform your site is on.

So what should you do to get a website up and running on the cheap? You need WordPress. The content creation and management platform for small business owners.

The infographic below walks you through the exact steps to take to get a small business WordPress website online.

wordpress setup How to Create a WordPress Website (From Scratch)

Now that you’ve read through the infographic, here are the resources you’ll need to use when following the steps listed above.

Step 1. Purchase a domain name
Step 2. Set up a web hosting account
Step 3. Connect your domain name to your web host
Step 4. Install WordPress
Step 5. Choose a theme
Step 6. Create quality content

Prefer a video tutorial walkthrough of how to use WordPress? Check out WP101. It does just that.

Need more advanced tools and resources to get started? Check out our Resources Page.

Still have questions or need something a little more advanced? Give us shout. We’ll be glad to help.

Thanks to Copyblogger for the great infographic they’ve allowed us to share with you.

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