Spears Marketing Services

Spears Marketing provides small business owners & bloggers a proven step-by-step formula for building a rock solid & profitable online presence that includes the following services:

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy is a broad term. But it *should* influence the tactics of your entire online presence. Just like constructing a well-built home or office, building a rock-solid digital foundation is the key to long-term organic growth and business success.

This foundation is built by auditing, editing, and optimizing all of your digital properties, including: your website, social media, messaging, branding, user experience, customer service, email, video, and content marketing, mobile presence, analytics, page views & traffic, advertising & affiliates, current & future revenue streams…and so much more.

My specialty is identifying the low-hanging fruit that you need to focus on to improve and strengthen your existing web presence, and I show you how to optimize it for future growth.

This often involves updating your website to meet the latest standards of SEO, mobile usage and web security, tweaking your existing content, and improving other elements that can make a huge difference in your organic growth and revenue.

Many of my clients have seen a traffic increase of over 30% shortly after implementing my recommended strategies. After working with hundreds of clients in multiple different industries, I know what works and what doesn’t, and what it takes to help YOU meet your online goals.

WordPress Website Consulting

WordPress powers over 25% of the web. Chances are, you’re probably already using it to manage your website or blog. And if you’re not, you probably should be. But how do you know that your site is built correctly and what plugins you should and should not use?

I started using WordPress in 2008, well before it was a household name and everyone was suddenly a “WordPress Expert.” The truth is, many people know how to build a website using WordPress, but very few know how to build it correctly.

There are thousands of themes and plugins available, both free and paid, but there’s a massive difference in quality between them all.

Do you know which designers build stable, well-coded and un-bloated themes? I do.

Do you know which plugin developers build rock-solid high performing plugins that won’t slow down your site or cause security nightmares? I do.

There’s a HUGE difference between those who say they build with WordPress and those who know how to build it correctly. How do I know this? Because I have over six years of experience designing, developing, and consulting using WordPress, and have had to correct hundreds of mistakes that others have made over the years. I’ve used, tested, and vetted out the majority of WordPress resources out there, and I know what tools YOU need to build a rock-solid website that performs and that Google loves.

Search & Social Optimization Strategy

When you hear the term “SEO” what comes to mind? Is your website getting the traffic you want? Does Google know you exist?

Search engine optimization includes both on-site and off-site technical improvements. However, the on-site optimization is the only thing you can truly control. I show you how to optimize the technical aspects of your website and improve your content so that Google (and your readers) will show you the love.

Many web entrepreneurs take a “hope and pray” attitude regarding their website and blog posts, while others try to over-complicate the process that it takes to rank your content at the top of Google.

Small business owners often think of social media as nothing more than a free advertising channel, but it’s so much more. Social media is a fundamental shift in the way we communicate with friends, family, and businesses. It is an opportunity to form an authentic relationship with your readers in a virtual world and to conduct free market research by asking them EXACTLY what they want.

Social media backlinks (Facebook “likes”, Twitter “tweets”, Google “+1s”, Linkedin “shares”, Pinterest “pins”) are increasingly important to grow your organic ranking and to help potential readers discover your content, but they only work on top of a foundation of great content.

Social media isn’t just about increasing your SEO. It is a social platform, but when used for business should include a mix of marketing, customer service, public relations, entertainment, and communication.

I provide a proven, step-by-step formula that when followed correctly, will drastically increase your organic Google ranking and your social media following.

My step-by-step social media checklists and SEO tutorials will ensure that your organic website traffic and social engagement increases consistently and exponentially.

Are you someone who needs to:

  • Increase your website traffic?
  • Improve your social media following & user engagement?
  • Grow your online revenue?

Do you:

  • Have a huge vision for your business but not sure about the technical side of growing it?
  • Consistently create new content for your blog each week?
  • Have a small (but growing) community of readers & customers?
  • Treat your website as a business and not just a hobby?
  • Think you are ready to invest in your business for long term growth?

I only work with a few select clients who meet these criteria. Think you’re one of them?

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