Scuba John Sackett

From 2008 to 2010 my website couldn’t be found on page 1 of Google for any of my keywords, and I was only getting a few visitors a week. During this time I spent over $8000.00 in traditional advertising and marketing. This included Insight Cable TV spots, 1/4 page ads in the Bowling Green Daily News, Radio promos on several stations, full-page Coupon Mint ads, Bulletin Board ads at Western Kentucky University & Preston Center, SOKY Happenings full page ads, BG Hot Rods program handouts and announcements, and several other promotional fliers.

The direct return on investment for all that advertising over those 3 years netted me 4 phone calls, 5 walk-ins, and only 1 sale.

When I hired Spears Marketing last fall, I did so with very low expectations. Happily, the results of my new website and social media presence have been staggering! From January 1 to March 1, my website has received over 1100 hits, I’ve had 6 walk-ins and multiple phone calls from customers who said they found me online! This has never happened before! But what’s even more exciting is that I’ve made 7 sales in the past 3 weeks who all said they found me online. Those 7 sales have already recouped all the money I spent with Spears Marketing!

If you need new customers and/or need to improve your web presence I highly recommend you call Spears Marketing. I’m glad I did!

Thanks Seth for doing such a great job!

- John Sackett