Katie Wellness Mama

I started working with Spears Marketing because while I had a passion for spreading my message and a background in writing, I didn’t know where to start with the tech side of blogging. Seth helped me by evaluating my website and content I already had and providing a full audit and content strategy.

To say his content plan was specific and extensive would be an understatement. Seth helped me develop a strategy for growth and gave me a very specific and detailed plan for executing it.

Several of the recommended changes (HTML5, Genesis Framework, SEO adjustments) resulted in a 20% increase each. Since working with Spears Marketing, my blog has seen a 60+% increase in traffic each year, with a 258% increase in our first year of working together. This has translated into a corresponding increase in revenue, but more importantly, I’ve been able to reach more people and help other families, which is so important to me.

One thing I like about working with Seth is his straightforward and very specific approach. I recently just finished making all of his suggested content and SEO changes and my website now gets over 300,000 visits per day as a result.

I can’t recommend Spears Marketing enough to anyone working to grow an online business! Fair warning though- Seth knows his stuff and will give suggestions down to the smallest detail. Be prepared to spend some serious time and effort making changes- but they will absolutely pay off!

- Katie Wells