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  • Thompson Family Dentistry

    Spears Marketing was very easy to work with and also very honest and up front. I would definitely recommend their work!

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  • Fathers of Mercy

    I highly recommend Spears Marketing to anyone considering building a new website for their business or non-profit organization.

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  • Markwell, inc.

    I’ll continue to recommend Spears Marketing to my fellow “marketing challenged” business owners.

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Latest Blog Posts

spears marketing redesign

Website Redesign & Updates

You may have noticed that Spears Marketing recently got a design overhaul. A VERY much needed redesign, I might add. Since our founding in 2010, the current iteration is only the 3rd version of the website we’ve built. The first site design and messaging focused on attracting local service oriented businesses, the original clients I […]

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blog post optimization for Google

How to Optimize Your Blog Posts for Google

We all want more traffic from Google, right? Search Engine Optimization (or SEO for short), is both the art and science of making your blog posts show favorably in the search engines when someone performs a search for a topic you would like to rank for. Many beginning bloggers take a “hope and pray” attitude […]

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